The importance of establishing a project timeline


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When it comes to architecture, the time it takes to complete every project varies depending on the size of the building. It is beneficial for a project timeline to be put in place. Projects timelines are useful in terms of keeping everybody motivated, keeping the project within budget, and ensuring the overall project runs efficiently.



Projects can take a very long time and if there is no schedule in place, many people lose interest in the job. Having a project timeline gives everyone a daily goal to work towards and keeps them interested at the job at hand. If people lose interest, a project can end up taking even longer as it would no longer be their main priority. When goals are reached it creates a sense of excitement and an incentive to keep on going.



The average runtime of a commercial project is approximately a year and a half. This is obviously dependent on the size of the structure. A larger building with a more complex structure would take more time than a small and simply structured building. A project timeline allows the workers to stay on track as they have specific time periods to complete certain aspects of the job. A project that has a project timeline in place will run faster than a project without one. This links with motivation because with no project timeline, there is no motivation to get things done. The more structured the project timeline is, the more streamlined the project will be.



The budget is an important is a very important part of a project. Without a project timeline, a project is likely to go over budget. The timeline ensures a project runtime is not extended If there is no timeline and the project is extended, more resources are used. The more resources that are used, the higher the expenditure becomes, and so the cycle continues.  A project timeline is crucial when it comes to saving time and money.


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